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Is Peakday Safe?
The herbs in peakday have been used for centuries with only positive effects.  The product is 100% Natural, with no synthetic additives, and no fillers.

What is Peakday?
Peakday is a combination of herbs used traditionally to support hormone production.


  Why does the body need to produce hormones?
Every aspect of the body's health and appearance is effected by the body's hormone production.  Healthy skin, muscles, hair, joints, and sexual health and dependant on hormones.

Why does Peakday help with weight problems?
Many men have hormone related weight gain.  Low hormone levels prevent the body from achieving it's natural weight.

Why will Peakday help my hair?
Testosterone levels are important for men.  Scientific medical studies have shown that herbs in Peakday support testosterone levels and lower Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels.  DHT is damaging to hair follicles & hair.

Do Hormones really effect male reproductive organ size & performance?
The herbs in Peakday are used to support sex organ size and to increase blood flow and sexual health in men.

Is Peakday a synthetic hormone?
No.  Synthetic hormones can have adverse effects.  Peakday is 100% natural and is used to support the body's own hormone production.

Is Peakday legal to use when participation in sports?
Yes, The herbs in Peakday are approved for use by the Food & Drug Administration, and have been used for hundreds of health benefits.  Hormone production is vital for lean, strong muscles.

Should Peakday be used with other medications?
We have never been contacted by anyone who had has had a drug interaction with Peakday.  However, it is always important that you tell your doctor what supplements you're taking when you are using drug medications of any kind.

What sort of standards are maintained during production?
is manufactured in a FDA certified facility.

How long will it take to get my product after I order?
All orders are processed within one business day. We ship U.S. Post, which is taking 7 to 14 additional business days to arrive.

How much do I take?
4 capsules a day, with a glass of water.

When will I notice results?
Peakday begins working immediately.  Allow several months for optimal results.


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